bed sheetsStoring or keeping your bed sheets:This is a problem that is probably familiar to most people: Apart from duvet covers and fitted sheets you probably still have to deal with the ever storing your duvet in the winter period. Bed sheet store can also be tricky, especially if you have a little storage space in the house. There should be an easier way to achieve this? Below are some tips!

Bedding store

Quilts can be difficult because of their size and weight for storage. Do you have a 4-season quilt, and then you will be in the spring or summer to clean up the winter part. Do you have a separate winter and summer duvet comforter, you can also exchange this again every six months. You can quilt of course aiming on top of the wardrobe, but this cannot be very hygienic. Your bedding store has to be done in the right way so that you can avoid the dust, mold and also maintains the quality of the bed sheets. For a duvet the correct storage method is even very important in order to keep the filling good.

Quilt on the side!

The following storage tips should be done in order to extend the life of your quilt: Strange but true: many people keep the bag in which the duvet was not delivered. This bag is of course ideal for the storage of your quilt. Store it there!

In domestic stores you can often find special storage cases, which can suck vacuum.A decorative way to store your quilt is to purchase a blanket chest. Although this solution is more suitable for the smaller quilts, such as a blanket box which can still be a trendy or nostalgic addition to the interior

Larger quilts are valuables in a cotton cover, for example, in an old duvet cover. Cotton breathes and thereby ensures that the filling of the duvet remains in good condition

No attic, no storage bag and probably you do not want to purchase a blanket chest? The simplest and most practical solution is for the guest bed (or an unused bed) to be dressed up with the quilt.

You can choose to do this in a duvet or simply superimpose an old duvet cover or unused bedspread over the quilt.

Duvet covers cleanup

What to do when setting duvet covers, fitted sheets and pillowcases that never get completed?Fold the sheet and the duvet into small packets and put them together. Then lie on top of one pillow and fold the whole package in the other pillow. This makes them dust-free, hygienic and never lost more parts!

Getting storage boxes placed under the bed are very convenient. All bedding is clean together and the storage box can be easily slid under the bed, so that it is out of sight. What you should not do in any case, linens and comforters shouldn’t be stored in plastic bags.

How often should I change my bed sheets?

Wash sheets and bedding at least once a week. In the sheets, the duvet cover has many bacteria as it comes in contact with your skin. In your sleep you lose about half a liter of fluid! It is very important to wash the sheets and duvet cover, preferably once a week, and airing every day.

Bacteria and mites do not like cold,hence after drying the bed sheets it should be spread over the mattress immediately.

Using detergent at 30 degrees can get the bed sheet clean. At a temperature of 30 degrees, the mites are not slain. It is important to wash at least 60 degrees to get rid of the mites