lumbar pillowNeck pain is nobody’s friend, and it’s certainly not an ideal sleeping buddy. Broken nights can hurt someone and this can be slow and brackish which makes the person definitely not fit enough to face the day. Unfortunately, some can even get neck pain as a result of bad sleep posture which worsens to the point that the person is deprived of good sleep.

If you suffer from neck pain sleep problems who will cause no news for you. What you may even be surprised that choosing the right pillow can make a big difference is grumpy awake staring at the clock, or in the comfort descend into dreamland.


There are a million pillows to choose from. The first step is to determine what your main sleeping position is. Certain types of pillows support the head and neck comfort; this depends on your sleeping position. When you know what your favorite sleeping position is, you are ready to shop for a new pillow. Just make sure you keep these five tips in mind before you choose a new sleeping buddy.

# 1.  Ask your chiropractor for advice

Talk to your chiropractor, the person who understands what the cause of your neck pain before choosing a new pillow. He or she can give some useful guidance when choosing a pillow that provides the most benefit too.

# 2.  Do research

Surf the web and look for cushions that fit your sleeping position. Read reviews from people who have neck pain and see what pillows helped. Make a note of the name of the cushion, the price and the store that sells them.

# 3. Think of the stuffing

Cushions are filled with different materials; you’ll have to make a tradeoff which is best suited for you. Down and feather pillows can be very comfortable for your neck, but if you are allergic to this, it can be a wrong choice. Memory foam is a popular choice because of its ability to adapt to the shape of the body. Consider what kind of dressing best suits your way of sleeping.

# 4. Consider format

Pillows should generally be 10-15 centimeters high and relieve pressure that points around your neck and shoulders. Extra thick cushions or mostly flat pillows are probably not a good choice (again, this is dependent on your sleeping position).Your format should also be taken into consideration when choosing a pillow. Someone with a bigger body needs a bigger cushion, while someone with a finely built body should go for a smaller pillow. It comes down to the need to give a cushion support and comfort and to keep your neck in a neutral position.

# 5. Try to be considerate but avoid cheap pillow

Cushions that are designed to reduce neck pain will not be cheap. With all the cheap pillows available, it is tempting to settle for a more modest priced option. Before you spend a small amount of a cushion that will not alleviate your problem, remember the many painful nights and brackish mornings and you will be willing to spend a lot of money to feel better. Neck pain and lack of sleep is a serious issue. The broach with your chiropractor is the first step to improving your situation. Shopping for the perfect pillow is a close second. By following these tips and taking the time to choose the right pillow, you will sleep again with pain free in no time.