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This premium quality memory foam lumbar cushion is designed to support and alleviate lower back pain with its specially formulated shape. The cushion has an ergonomic design that gives lower back support, soothing and eliminating pain and discomfort in the area of the lower back or lumbar spine. This makes it ideal for people with spinal pain caused by injury, illness or disability. The cushion promotes good posture and helps to correct spinal alignment. Portable and lightweight, it can be used at home, at work or even in your car – anywhere you need to support your lower back.

How do I use this item?

Simply place the cushion where you intend to sit and relax back into it, adjusting your position until you feel comfortable. The wave curve of the cushion will support your back.

What size is this item?

This cushion measures 47 x 41 x 12cm and is suitable for an adult frame.

What is this item made from?

The cushion is made from premium quality memory foam which is super comfortable and moulds itself to the shape of your body. The outer covering is made from linen and is resistant to allergens such as dust mites.

Is it washable?

Yes, the linen cover can be removed and washed easily in a machine.

What are the benefits of this item?

Back support pillows like this are very useful for people who have back problems due to injuries, and due to old age. They also work well for people who sit for long periods of time, for example people who work in offices and people who sit in wheelchairs. These cushions can also help people to do normal daily activities, like driving or sitting on the couch watching television.

These cushions work by providing extra support to the back whilst the user is sitting in an upright position. They not only improve posture, but also help to align the neck, back and hips. A lot of back pain issues are caused by poor posture, and by the lower back having to bear most of the weight of our upper bodies when we sit. A lumbar support cushion can help to reverse this, and relieve pain in the process.