Give your knee the support it needs with the help of this clever knee support brace. It’s made with breathable, stretchy neoprene which provides lasting comfort and flexibility. The open patella design relieves pressure and reduces the joint fatigue that often comes with intense exercise and heavy usage. Wearers are likely to experience less pain and discomfort as a result. Anatomically fitted conical straps around the knee provide comfortable and consistent compression to give the vital support that your knee requires.


What material is the knee brace made with?

This knee support brace is made with 3mm neoprene. This is a stretchy, breathable fabric which allows air to circulate whilst providing strong support around the knee.


How does this knee support brace work?

This brace works by surrounding the kneecap with a flexible, comfortable level of compression that also acts as a stabilizing force on the knee. A padded buttress around the patella (knee cap) provides additional support. This mechanism provides important support to knees that may otherwise suffer from pain, injury or weakness.


How do I wear this support brace?

The knee brace has a simple design which can be slipped on over the knee.


Is this knee brace washable?

This item can be gently handwashed or soaked overnight and air dried.


What conditions does this knee support brace alleviate?

This support brace eliminates unwanted twisting and gliding of the knee cap. It is therefore suitable for alleviating arthritis and meniscus pain. It is also suitable for supporting injured or weakened knees. It can be used as a preventative measure during sports and high impact activities.