Hangers in Lightweight, Long Lasting and Versatile Aluminium
Store your clothes the right way with the help of these fantastic clothes hangers. Made from durable aluminium, these are designed to last. Lightweight and functional, they come in a classic copper colour with grooves for hanging straps and loops. Need to hang trousers or drape a skirt? No problem, they come with a cross bar that’s ideal for these situations. Using these practical and functional hangers is the best way to store clothes you care about. They will keep clothing wrinkle and crease free whilst helping the air to circulate in your wardrobe.

How do I use them?


Simply slip them into the shoulders of the sweater or jacket you’re hanging. Or, if it’s trousers or a skirt, drape it over the cross bar. You can also use the grooves in the design for hanging tops and other items by their straps. Simple!

What size are they?

These are standard size with the dimensions 410 x 215 x 4mm. They are suitable for adult clothing.

What are they made from?


These items are made from durable, long wearing aluminium. This is a material that is lightweight and slightly flexible which will last you for years to come.

How much do they weigh?


These light hangers are perfect for storage and won’t overload your wardrobe rail. They weigh just 38g each.

Some tips


Ideally you should make sure buttons are buttoned up, and zips are zipped closed before hanging nay items in your wardrobe. This will prevent items of clothing from getting snagged on each other, avoiding damage to your garments.

Another tip is to hang your clothes with plenty of space between them. This lets the air circulate in your wardrobe and keeps clothes smelling fresh. It also ensures that your clothes don’t crease or wrinkle over time.