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Get a great night’s sleep with this clever and comfortable fitted sheet. Specially designed to stay put on your mattress all night long, this sheet won’t let you down. It’s available in a range of stylish colours to match our other bedding items, such as comforters and duvet sets. The fitted sheet is made with 100% premium polyester, giving it a super soft and cosy feel. No bed should be without it!

What is this item made from?

This sheet is made with premium polyester, making it highly durable and long lasting when compared to other fabrics. It is designed to last longer than fabrics like cotton and feels soft against the skin.

Is this item washable?

Yes, this item is suitable for machine washing and can also be tumble dried.

What sizes does this come in?

This fitted sheet comes in twin, queen or king sizes, making it suitable for all bed types.

What are the benefits of this item?

Fitted sheets make any bed look attractive as they create a smooth, flat surface to lie on with no creases or bumps in the fabric. These sheets are made specially to cover the mattress on a bed. These are the first sheets that go onto a bed when it’s being made, and are generally the sheets that people lie on at night. This is why it’s important that the sheet fits the shape of the mattress perfectly and creates a smooth surface. Usually, these sheets have elastic hem borders at all four corners to enable them to fit the mattress and stay on it properly. This means that having the right sheet can make all the difference to a comfortable and restful night’s sleep. Sheets also play an important role in protecting a mattress from stains and from wear and tear.