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Keep cosy on winter’s nights with this fabulous quilted comforter. Available in a range of stylish colours, it looks beautiful on all beds and is a fantastic addition to any bedroom suite. Made from 100% polyester, this comforter will keep you warm and comfortable with its luxuriously soft fabric design. It’s available to match with our other bedding items including fitted bed sheets and duvet sets. Use this item as the finishing touch on your bed for a look that’s beautiful and elegant.

What material does this comforter come in?

This item is made from 100% premium quality polyester. Polyester is an incredibly strong and long lasting material which won’t fade or tear easily. It feels soft and cosy on the skin and is ideal for keeping beds warm.

Is this item washable?

Yes, you can wash this item in a machine or hand wash it. It can be air dried or tumble dried as you wish.

Some tips

Colour coordinate your room and stay cosy all night with this fantastic comforter. Simply choose the colour you desire and base your bedroom décor around that. Choose items like matching curtains, rugs or lampshades in complementing colours to get a bedroom look that’s chic and stylish.

Adding new bedding can completely transform the look of your room and it only takes a moment to do. To create a new feel in the room, choose a different colour palette to what you have already. For example, if you want to create a restful atmosphere in your bedroom, choose calming, muted colours in gentle shades. Adding some texture to your bed is easy with a cosy throw and cushions in contrasting fabrics.

Want a new look for your bedroom? A quick, easy way to make your bedroom look and feel different is to experiment with the placement of furniture in your room. Start by aligning the bed at a different angle and use it as a focal point for the rest of the furniture to sit around.