Available Travel Pillows Designs:
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George the Monkey
Mickey Mouse
Penelope the Cat
Winnie the Pooh


Feel amazingly comfortable on your next journey with this fun and stylish travel pillow. Made from luxuriously soft memory foam, the pillow cushions your head and neck, providing you with the support and comfort you need for a wonderful sleep. Sitting in the aisle seat? Not a problem. This smart travel pillow will provide an easy resting position for your head so that you can relax and enjoy yourself, whether you’re travelling by car, plane, train or bus. It comes in an adorable animal design that’s covered in a cosy velboa fabric.

How do I use this travel pillow?

Simply turn this U-shaped pillow upside down and fit it over your neck, with the open end of the U facing downwards.

What size is the travel pillow?

This travel pillow measures 28 x 28 x 9cm, making it the perfect fit for cabin or coach seats, yet large enough to support an adult traveller.

What is the pillow made from?

It’s made with wonderfully soft memory foam that moulds itself to the shape of your head and neck, providing all the support you need to avoid an aching neck. The outside of the travel pillow is covered in a soft and cosy velboa fabric that feels great against the skin.

How much does the travel pillow weigh?

The pillow weighs just 240g, making it perfect for your cabin baggage or handbag.

Is this pillow washable?

The velboa cover can be removed and washed in a warm machine cycle. It can be air dried or dried on a low heat.